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Cedar Point Travel: 2010 Crowd Expectations

2010 Crowd Expectations

The Point Online has used information from past visits to produce our 2010 crowd expectations, however, we do not guarantee that the information will be accurate.  The expectations are based solely on our opinions and personal experiences.  There are many different reasons that could make the park more or less crowded than expected. Ask travel questions in our message board or to our Travel Specialists.


Days in which rain is forecasted, the park will be less crowded, especially when it may rain in the morning.  When it stops raining in the early afternoon, the park is less crowded that evening. On sunny and warm days, the park will be more crowded. Sunday's are usually the least crowded day on weekends, except on weekends when Monday is a holiday. Since it is difficult to know the weather and how busy the park will be, we recommend staying in a hotel and spend more than a day at the park, along with visiting multiple times a year.


Please view the 2010 Cedar Point Schedule for official information and hours.


Please note that Fridays are considered the weekend.


We measure the crowds in three different categories:





May 15 - 16, Opening Day Weekend - Moderate

Weekdays From May 17 to June 3 - Light

Weekends From May 22 to June 13 - Light to Moderate

  Memorial Day Weekend, May 29-31 - Moderate


Weekdays From June 7 to June 29 - Light

Weekends From June 11 to June 27 - Moderate

June 30 - July 8 (July 4 Week)  - Heavy


Weekdays From July 12 to July 22 - Moderate

Weekends From July 9 to 25 - Heavy

Everyday from July 26 to August 22 - Heavy


Weekdays from August 23 to September 6 - Light

Weekends from August 27 to September 12 - Light to Moderate


HalloWeekends - September 17 to November 2

  We recommend spending two days at the park during HalloWeekends.

HalloWeekends crowd levels depends greatly on the weather.

 Fridays - Light

 Saturdays - Heavy

 Sundays - Moderate to Heavy


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