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Strategy Guides

Welcome to The Point Online's Strategy Guides Section! Want to plan the ultimate vacation, but don't know where to start? If you want to make the most out of your trip to Cedar Point, our Strategy Guides are the perfect starting points. Below are eight complex Strategy Guides packed with information for you.
 Cedar Point: One Day Plan
Following our One Day Plan, you will see and ride the best there is at Cedar Point in one day. This can also be used as a first day plan if you are staying overnight.
 Cedar Point: 17 Coasters, 1 Day
Want to become the ultimate thrill rider and ride some of the fiercest coasters around? This plan will tell you exactly how to get on all 17 coasters in one day.
 Cedar Point: Saving Money
Going to Cedar Point on a limited budget? This guide will help you have an exciting vacation that won't hurt your wallet.
 Cedar Point: Rainy Day Plan
You planned for the perfect vacation, and, it rains. Well, you still have a great day. Explore all the different options to do when it rains at Cedar Point.
 Cedar Point: The Things You Probably Missed
You've already rode all the coasters and thrill rides, so what should you do now? Read this guide to explore the things you probably missed.
 Cedar Point: Food/Restaurant Guide
In this guide you can learn about all the different food opportunities at Cedar Point.
 Cedar Point: Tips At The Games
Learn some tips at the Games and see which games you will have the most fun at.
 Soak City: The Compete Guide
This is the complete guide to Soak City. It provides insight on everything to do inside of Soak City to maximize your experience.




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