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Cedar Point News: Starlight Experience Review

Starlight Experience Review

May 25, 2009

By Mike, Executive Editor, The Point Online

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StarlightExp030Cedar Point opened up Starlight Experience, a new light extravaganza on the Frontier Trail on Saturday to many guest’s delight. After two nights of being on display, guests truly enjoy the lights, from sitting on a bench relaxing and taking in the atmosphere to rushing through the Frontier Trail to get a last ride before the park closes, everyone likes Starlight Experience.


Starlight Experience is unlike any other attraction Cedar Point has added, but represents the growing trend of Cedar Point expanding beyond roller coasters into more immersive experiences. These have usually occurred during the popular HalloWeekends event but now are being incorporated into the park throughout the entire summer.


*Spoiler Alert* Stop reading now if you do not want specific details on Starlight Experience!


Starlight consists of four unique areas, each area based off a different season of the year; spring, summer, fall, and winter. The areas are in order, with spring starting by Maverick and winter by Millennium Tunnel. It does not matter which side you enter. Each area has a unique float featuring inflatable PEANUTS characters in a familiar scene.


StarlightExp002The Winter scene is the largest and most popular area. It features white and blue lights around all the trees and branches from the Millennium Tunnel to Fort Sandusky. The lights will transition, as sometimes they will mixed together, or separated. An effect that was not operational was the falling snowflakes, which is around the Blacksmith area and the Gold Mine area across from Fort Sandusky.


StarlightExp013Fall consists of less LED lights in the trees, and more LED flood lights. The flood lights shine up into the trees, transforming the normal trees of summer into fall, giving the bright orange leaves. Stay and watch the trees though, you may just see those bright orange leaves transition into deep red.




Summer celebrates our country on July 4th with red, white, and blue lights. The buildings are draped in our country’s colors and in the trees fireworks are exploding all over the sky in a variety of colors.  The fireworks appear and disappear and are an effect that photos cannot do justice.


StarlightExp033Spring focuses on the Easter holiday and colors, featuring purple, green, and blue. Lucy welcomes the guest’s into Starlight Experience on her float, which is great for kids and families to take photos with. I believe the main effect for this area was not functioning properly either, as there was no other effects going.


StarlightExp043Overall, Starlight Experience is a great new attraction at Cedar Point. From what I saw last night, the show is incredible, and this is with some main effects not on or not working fully. Special Effect glasses are available for $1 and are definitely worth it. Some things still need to be adjusted, such as the handling of the 30 minute closure of Frontier Trail, the music throughout the event, and other departments taking advantage of the guest flow through Frontier Trail. Once all the kinks get worked out, just as they need to be with any new ride, Starlight will be a major draw for guests in the park. The next time you are at Cedar Point, be sure to check out Starlight Experience at twilight!



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