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General Information
The Point Online is an unofficial Cedar Point website dedicated to providing the latest Cedar Point information. The Point Online has been privately owned and operated since its launch in May 2001. In December 2004 a private investor purchased The Point Online from Steve Miller, giving the site its second owner. The site is currently operated by Mike, the Executive Editor.


Mission Statement

The Point Online's mission is provide high quality information, content, and forums promoting Cedar Point and Cedar Fair while remaining complete ad-free.


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The site
The Point Online is a gargantuan Cedar Point site, composed of hundreds of pages and thousands of forum posts. The Point Online (TPOL) features such free services as forums, strategy guides, and downloads. Those are just a sampling of what The Point Online has to offer.

Contact information
You may contact the site on our Contact Page.

Support The Point Online
In the age of declining advertising revenue, keeping a site on the internet is becoming harder.  By having high standards and providing high quality information, we are able to be supported by our users, like you. The best way to support us to by making your hotel reservations through The Point Online Travel System.

Privacy is a vital component of our commitment to our user. The Point Online does not sell or market any information obtained by our site's services. The Point Online Forums do use I.P. tracking solely for the purpose of preventing abuse.

Unless otherwise noted, everything on this site is copyright 2001-2009 The Point Online. We ask that you do not copy or retransmit our content without the expressed written consent of The Point Online. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.


Where are we located?

Our users are located all over the country.  Add yourself to the map below! Statistical Information






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