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Cedar Point Rides: Cedar Downs

Cedar Downs

Cedar Downs is a classic ride. As one of Cedar Point's three carousels, Cedar Downs is often mistakenly looked upon as just another slow, gentle ride. In reality, Cedar Downs has a lot of kick. The ride travels up to 14 miles per hour, simulating a horse race. The ride is fun for the entire family--there are no seatbelts, so it is a necessity that the little ones hold on tightly.
 Quick Facts
Opened in: 1967
Built By: Prior and Church
Ride Time: around 1 minute
Speed: 14 mph
Capacity: unknown
 Also of Interest
Cedar Downs is located across the midway from Snoopy Boutique, a large store where just about every piece of Snoopy memorabilia is available for purchase.
 Important Information
Riders need to be at least 48" to ride Cedar Downs.
Riders need to be able to independently support themselves.
Thrill Rating: 2/5
 Average Wait Times
Normally we've waited no more than 10 minutes for this ride.
Click here for info on Wait Times
Photos of Cedar Downs are available at!

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