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Strategy Guides: Food and Restaurant Guide

Food and Restaurant Guide

As in almost any amusement park, food is abundant at Cedar Point. But, here at The Point Online we believe there is a difference in running to the nearest stand and putting down a twenty, and actually eating something you want. We also want to show that you don't have to sacrifice convenience for something that you want to eat  We'll outline some of the better eateries in the many different sections of the park. 

Cedar Point is famous for its French fries, and it shows in the number of stands around the park. It is hard to walk more than 100 yards without seeing some kind of French fry stall. The French fries are not all the same. We like the stands across from the Gemini (Happy Friar) and across from Planet Snoopy (Mr. Potato). Cedar Point is also noted for its huge elephant ears (FrontierTown) and salt water taffy (Main Midway). Other than this, the food stand fare is typical amusement park- fattening, expensive, but satisfying. 

As far as full service restaurants, our favorite pick is the Midway Market. For $10-$15 per person (less for seniors and children), you get a full service buffet meal. The buffet has pizza, cheeseburgers, tacos, salad, roast beef, fried chicken, pasta, and a dessert bar with hand-dipped ice cream and pies/cakes. One of the better parts of this eatery is that bottomless soft drinks are included in the cost. This place is located right up the main midway right before Raptor. When you consider that bottled drinks are usually $3.00 each, and that a pizza is $20, you see why this is a pretty good deal. 

For the most part, Cedar Point's full service restaurants are very good, but our favorites include Game Day Grille (located next to Blue Streak), and the 40's style Johnny Rockets (located near Kiddy Kingdom). 

So, you are stuck in the back of the park and have no idea where to go for lunch or dinner. Here is what we recommend:

Frontier Town:
Chuck Wagon (Pizza/Salads)
Happy Friar (French fries/hot dogs)
Chick-fil-A (Chicken)

Frontier Trail:
Coyote Cody's (American/try the 1/4 lb. hotdog!)
Toot Sweets (Great Desserts/Funnel Cakes)
Panda Express (Chinese)

Main Midway:
Coasters (50's style in and out diner)
Midway Market (full service buffet)
Game Day Grille (full service American)
Johnny Rockets (full service American- try the milkshakes!)

Wicked Twister Midway:
Joe Cool Café (all kid's menu with limited adult choices)
Mr. Potato (great French fries)




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