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Strategy Guides: Soak City: The Complete Guide

Soak City: The Complete Guide

Soak City is a water park adjacent to Cedar Point. Admission to Soak City is not included in a regular Cedar Point admission. Soak City boasts a collection of tube slides, body slides, two river rides, a 5-person slide, two children's areas, a family adventure area, a wave pool, and an adult pool. Soak City is open from Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day weekend each year. We will take you on a tour of Soak City, outlining most of the attractions in the park.

Getting There
Soak City is located at Cedar Point Amusement Park, Sandusky Ohio. We have directions available. There are two entrances to Soak City, both are located in Challenge Park, which is composed of extra cost amusements, RipCord and a go-cart track. The main entrance is located just off the beach and close to the Breakers Resort. The other is located on the west side of the Challenge Park. You can get there by driving on Perimeter Road and parking in the large parking lot facing the 205 ft. Magnum XL-200. There are ticket booths at both entrances, but on low attendance days, the main entrance's ticket booth may be the only one open. Even in this case, both entrances will be open. 

Before You Go
You are not allowed to bring coolers into the park. There is a covered shelter located next to the west side entrance for these coolers. Goggles are not allowed on any attraction. This should not come as a surprise, but food is not cheap. If you decide to buy food at the park, be ready to pay high prices for food at the park. We are not saying that these prices are unjustified, many of the other parks charge more.

First Things First
The first thing you must do is find a place for your things.
You have options here. You can put them on one of the numerous beach chairs, or rent a locker. Lockers do cost, and require a deposit. This is recommended if you have expensive things such as a video camera, cell phone, pager, ect. But, many just get a beach chair. In our experience, we have never had anything stolen, but we can obviously not be responsible in the case of a theft. If you choose this route, be sure to cover your items with a large beach towel, or put them underneath the chair. There are numerous chairs available at the children's areas and at the Breaker's Bay wave pool. 

What to do first?
On an warm day in the summer, we recommend the Zoom Flume first. (Zoom Flume is a slide with a large raft that can carry up to 5 members of your group). Zoom Flume is located on the west side of the park. The distinction between the west and east sides comes in the form of the red roller coaster,  Magnum XL 200. You must go underneath it to cross to a different "zone." The Zoom Flume is very tall, and easily noticed. Lines can get long for this ride, and it is one of the best slides in the park. After Zoom Flume, we recommend doing Eerie Falls next. (Eerie falls is an enclosed single person tube slide). Eerie Falls is completely black, and is located on the west side of the park behind Breakers Bay. After that, we recommend doing a slide or two on the east side of the park. There are some fun little slides over this way. 

Lazy Rivers, Renegade Rivers, and Wave Pools
The two river raft rides are a great thing to do anytime.
These never have a line, and are great. The Renegade River is located on the west side of the park down from the Zoom Flume (in the direction of the wave pool). It is a fast paced raft ride with fountains, water falls, waves, and whirlpools. The "lazier" river is known as the Main Stream on the east side of the park. This is easily accessible from a lesser known walkway behind some of the slides by Bubbles Swim Up Bar. You may also get there by taking the main midway to east side slides. It will be across from the main entrance, and there will be some lockers in front of the entry. This lazy river is very pleasant, and has only one waterfall. There is also another lazy river ride, but this one is toddler sized! It is located in the Choo-Choo Lagoon children's play area. This play area is next to the Zoom Flume. The wave pool, called Breakers Bay is in the west side of the park behind Eerie Falls. The wave pool operates according to the number of people there that day. We mean that in the morning, only the front half of the wave pool is open, because there are only so many people there. It is more enjoyable in the afternoon when the wave pool fully opens. The wave pool can get dangerous.  Although Cedar Point has some of the best lifeguards today, the wave pool gets very full, and you can get crushed by an incoming raft if you are in the wrong place at the wrong time. Be extremely cautious with children, because it is easier for a child to get crushed than an adult. There are life vests available for children at the wave pool and the lazy rivers. 

Shopping and Eating
Soak City does not offer much in the way of shopping and eating.
Soak City has two permanent food stands, and one store. The main food stand is located on the east side of the park, right before crossing over to the west side under the Magnum XL-200. The other stand is located at the entrance to the Breakers Bay wave pool. There are carts located throughout the parks serving beverages, cotton candy, ice cream, etc. The only shopping establishment, The Surf Shop, located across from the main food stand, has bathing suits, towels, sunglasses, t-shirts and souvenirs.

Soak City offers many types of slides. Here they are with their locations:
Family Style Five Person Slide
Zoom Flume, Westside of park, next to Choo-Choo Lagoon
Enclosed Tube Slide
Eerie Falls, Westside of park, next to Breakers Bay wave pool
Tube Slides
Eastside of park, located in front of main entrance (a few to choose from)
Body Slides
Eastside of park, located next to tube slides (a few to choose from)
Playground-Style Water Slides
Westside of park, Located at Adventure Cove (near front entrance) 
Little Kids/Toddlers Water Slides
Located at Choo-Choo Lagoon (Westside next to Zoom Flume) and Tadpole Town (Eastside in front of main entrance and near Main Stream lazy river)

THESE WILL GET VERY CROWDED ON HOT SUMMER DAYS!!! These are least crowded in the first couple hours and last couple hours of operation.

There is a great family play area called Adventure Cove on the westside of the park near the west entrance. It has "lily-pads" to jump from pad to pad on, small waterslides, and "float-ables" to play on. Remember that the parking lot will be much more crowded when you leave if you came early. Try to remember the vicinity of your car. There are no numbered signs to help you remember in the Soak City parking lot. And remember to have fun at Soak City!!!




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