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Strategy Guides: Cedar Point in Inclement Weather

Cedar Point in Inclement Weather

Who likes the rain when they are supposed to be visiting an amusement park? Even the best forecasters cannot predict all of the afternoon squalls. Don't want to sit under a canopy while it rains for a couple of hours? Follow this guide and you might hope that it doesn't stop raining.

Many rides will still be open in the rain. When most people run to the dryness of a nearby shop, you can be riding Millennium Force. Millennium Force, as well as Power Tower, can and do run in rain, as long as the rain is not extremely heavy and there is no lightning. Weather changes quickly in the Sandusky area, so it can rain in the morning, and the coasters and other rides will open back up in the afternoon. Disaster Transport, the indoor bobsled roller coaster, will be open in almost any kind of weather, and some covered flat rides will run in the rain as well. 

Shows and Shopping
Cedar Point has award winning live entertainment, so inclement weather may allow you to explore that. Be sure to pick up a schedule and get to the venue hosting the show early, because if there is bad weather, the shows are sure to be crowded. Also, Cedar Point has dozens of little shops where you can have a great time shopping. Be sure to check out the candle shop on the Frontier Trail, you can spend a chunk of time making your own hand-dipped candle there.

Other things to do
The Town Hall Museum in Frontierland is a great place to spend time in bad weather. The Town Hall Museum has a wealth of information pertaining to Cedar Point's history, as well as a video about Cedar Point and several old fashioned nickel and dime games. Cedar Point also has several huge arcades located throughout the premises, you can easily spend an hour or two playing games. You might also want to catch a bite to eat at one of The Point's sit down restaurants and wait out the rain. Also check out The Things You Missed Guide. There are several things listed there that can be done rain or shine. In any event, even in bad weather, there is still plenty to do and see at Cedar Point.




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